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Please Carefully Observe The Terms & Conditions For This Event.

Terms & Conditions

⦁ If any of the information you have given is found to be false, you will be disqualified.
⦁ Must be 18 – 35 years old to participate.
. ⦁ The organizer shall not be held liable for any incident that occurred to the contestant during the show.
⦁ The organizer shall not be responsible for any money or valuable belongings lost by the contestant during the show.
⦁ The organizer shall be the sole authority for interpretation of these rules & conditions, the decision of the organizers shall be final and anyone who fails to abide by the rules shall be disqualified automatically.
⦁ Only non-married candidates can participate.
⦁ Contestants must be of good moral character, must possess a pleasing personality.
⦁ Must speak English Fluently.

Maiden Edition
The Prize To Be Won

Beyond conventional.

As a Brand Ambassador for Poise Fendy, you will be the face of our company! Essentially, you are an extension of our team-growing and learning to love and accept yourself right along with us. We give you the tools and training to successfully find your voice as part of our team. We know that word of mouth is the best method of advertising and we are asking you to tell your friends all about us and your experience at our studio, which includes sharing images from your session(s).

The Ambassador program is designed to
help the studio and those who represent it.
To be an Ambassador means to honor the
expectations we set out: . By serving as a
Poise Fendy Ambassador you will grow and
learn more about yourself. You will serve not
only as the face of the studio, but as well. The
Ambassador program is designed for all of
those things. It is meant to be fun and
enjoyable. It is also meant to challenge you.
Poise Fendy expects a lot out of its
Ambassadors, so you will need to put heart
and soul into the position, just like we put
into our jobs at the studio. Being a Brand
Ambassador means shining your light and
allowing yourself to grow throughout the

Maiden Edition

Face Of Poise Fendy Studios

13b Circular Road Alcon Woji, Port-Harcourt. R/S

+234 9120 363 104

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